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Secure Payment Solutions

All About Payplus

Canada's Leader in Secure Transaction Processing Solutions

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Why Payplus?


As the leader in the industry, we have available to us almost every possible terminal to choose from. Be it the PAX, Ingenico or Verifone terminals, we have them all. We will help you select the one that will provide the best solution for your individual need. Just like cars, there are different types for different drivers. We the are the dealership of choice for secure transaction terminals!



Product, service and support! These are the most important items to ensure that you are getting all you need and deserve. Our products are selected from the best on the market. Our Service is available anytime with our full function Merchant Portal. Our support is 24/7 and ready for
your call.



Purchase, Lease or Placement. We provide all the options that allow you the choice. Transaction fee alone should not determine your plan. There is a lot more detail that many providers skim over and you find out long after the fact. We are the one provider that offers trials to ensure you are happy with your choice, your choice in us!



Our card program, the only fully functioning one in the private ISO market allows you to move away from costly, problem full chits. Throw them out for safety, security and better functionality!

A bit about our team...

Canada's leader in Secure Transaction Processing Solutions

Merchants like you have viewed acquiring a POS terminal and processing debit and credit cards as the cost of doing business. The POS terminal is seen as having no real advantage to the merchant except to ensure customers have a variety of payment options. Unfortunately for the merchant, making these various payment options available comes with a myriad of fees and surcharges.

Payplus entered the marketplace offering a total business solution to
you. We enable you to acquire the most recent POS technology at the most competitive costs, with superior customer service and no hidden costs or inflated cancellation fees.

Additionally, through a proprietary software agreement, we enable you to implement your own custom payment or loyalty card programs. In other words, by acquiring a Payplus POS terminal, you enroll your business into a gift card or reloadable card program complete with branding and full online support.

For you, the process is value-added. Sell the gift certificate and
then process the gift card at any time. The differentiating factor is that the card
can only be processed at your location which is keyed into the magnetic strip on the back of the card. This is called closed circle transaction processing. Simply, you control your own card business as an autonomous enterprise. In this way, Payplus is a total business solution and not just a commodity.

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Meet the team...

A highly trained team of professional support staff to help you make the right choices, support your decision, and help you grow your businesses finances.


Tech Support

Our team is ready to respond to your questions 24/7! Any  requests for assistance are quickly and efficiently resolved with an expertise and professionalism you deserve!

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Financial Support

Balancing your statements need not be a hardship. Letting you track your business easily is our goal. Our experts can show you ways to save time, effort and even more importantly money!

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Sales Support

Difficulty deciding what  terminals to use, what tools you require and how to best effectively deploy them is why merchants look to our sales team for guidance. We set you up right!

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